TCS London Marathon

2 October 2022

London, United Kingdom City Full Marathon
We will be taking a tour to the 2022 Marathon. Get in touch to register your interest.

About this Marathon

The point-to-point course is very flat with only one small rise. The triple start winds out of Greenwich Park and Blackheath Park, loops through Greenwich and across Tower Bridge. Circling Canary Wharf the course runs along the Thames past the Tower of London through Trafalgar Square and onto The Mall where you will finish in front of Buckingham Palace. The course is one of the worlds fastest and boasts of the existing women’s world record.

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"An incredible marathon set amongst such a historic city. The crowds are fantastic and loud, and the final few kms’s where you run past Buckingham Palace and down The Mall are truly unbelievable. When you finish it’s an easy and short walk back to our hotel. An awesome experience!"- Paul Forward, Managing Director

Event Information

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