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At Marathon Tours, we take care of the planning and admin so you can focus on training for your next marathon. As marathon runners and travellers ourselves, we speak from experience and can give you the best advice for your travels and next marathon.

Sophie Nabbs

Marathon Tours Consultant & Tour Leader

Growing up in the country in the mighty Waikato, I have always enjoyed being outdoors and active. Having lived in Australia and then going further abroad to begin my OE, travel is something I have become more and more passionate about. There are so many more places to tick off my bucket list so why not compete in a marathon while I’m at it?!

I joined Calder & Lawson as Sales Coordinator in 2015. Through my involvement working with Marathon Tours, it didn’t take long for me to set my sights on these outstanding marathons in such exciting destinations. Having previously completed three marathons, this quickly doubled after becoming a Marathon Tours Consultant. I now have Africa, Asia, North America and Australasia under my belt and hope to complete South America, Antarctica and Europe to tick off all seven continents.  I understand the motivation, determination and sacrifices that are involved to achieve such a challenging goal – well done all of you for getting this far and contemplating taking part in an amazing event, in an equally amazing location.

Knowing that your flights, accommodation, sightseeing tours and tickets to special events are taken care of all you need to do is experience the holiday of a lifetime – oh and run 42kms!

Aleksandra Manowiec

Marathon Tours Consultant & Tour Leader

Originally from Poland, I have always dreamt of travelling the world. I set myself a goal that, by the time I graduated from University, I will have visited at least three countries. Little did I know, by the time I had graduated, I’d have lived in the US, England and was departing on my around-the-world backpacking tour. I have been very fortunate to be able to continue my passion for travel and outdoor activities whilst organizing and leading cycling and hiking trips in Europe, the Americas and Asia for eight years.

A couple of years ago I have decided to settle New Zealand and was more than happy when Calder & Lawson offered me a job in their retail department.

In my current role as a Marathon Tours consultant, I am dedicated to making our clients’ dreams come true. It’s very inspiring to see people from different backgrounds and with different abilities, train hard to achieve that one goal, to cross the finish line! Our job is to make the travel arrangements smooth and the experience memorable. Although I’ve always been more of a trail runner, working with Marathon Tours and learning about all the great events we organize, I’m making myself a bucket-list of marathons that I’d love to complete. It’s contagious!

Michael Denning-Kemp

Marathon Tours Manager & Tour Leader

I have been privileged over the past few years to experience first-hand some of the world’s best marathon events, from starting out with our runners on Staten island to crawling up the great wall.

It has been nothing short of an inspiring journey so far being able to witness the likes of first time marathon runners achieve a lifelong goal, runners overcoming extreme adversity or physical challenges and groups of individuals accomplish coming an extraordinary amount of fundraising for an amazing cause.

Since witnessing the New York marathon first hand in 2017, I have become an active  runner and enjoy regular morning runs, completing the odd half marathon and have the New York marathon next in my sights.

Paul Forward

Marathon Tours Owner & Tour Leader

I’ve always been a keen sportsman, runner and an avid traveller. Having the opportunity to share these passions as Managing Director and owner of Marathon Tours is something I am very grateful for.

My 30 years of experience working in various aspects of the travel industry has given me incredible travel opportunities and experiences which I use to benefit both our organisation and our clients.

In terms of my running milestones, I am definitely now a social runner, however I have completed a number of marathons locally and overseas. Including the incredible Antarctica Marathon in March 2018, the TCS New York City Marathon three times and the Virgin Money London Marathon last year. I have also completed the Great Wall half marathon and 10km, as well as the Rotorua Marathon many (many!) years ago.

Combining a love of travel and being part of incredible international events like New York, Boston or Antarctica, is a dream come true. It’s also what makes our job such a privilege, as we love being able to see our clients get to experience something so special.

You read about these events and hear stories from people who have done it before; but until you line up on that starting line yourself, nothing prepares you for the excitement and the buzz you get from being part of the action.

My goal is to join the Seven Continents Club by completing one marathon on each of the 7 continents. I have completed 4 and once travel opens up again, my next event will be a marathon in South America.

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