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At Marathon Tours, we take care of the planning and admin so you can focus on training for your next marathon. As marathon runners and travellers ourselves, we speak from experience and can give you the best advice for your travels and next marathon.

Rachel Molloy

Marathon Tours Consultant & Tour Leader

Rachel joins us with over 12 years of experience in the travel industry. Over this time she’s shared her passion for travel with a HUGE range of clients, helping them to achieve their travel dreams (and exploring the world herself!)

“I just love everything about travel – the opportunities to try new things, and the incredible people that you get to meet. I love to go to places that are really different to what I’m used to and to see the lives that other humans live. I love to immerse myself into the life of the locals and eat what they eat and drink what they drink and see them going about their daily lives. Being open minded and curious, I love trying new things and going on adventures. With food as one of my biggest passions in life there’s pretty much nothing I wouldn’t eat (I’ve eaten a tarantula in Thailand!) and if I’m going to splash some cash on a trip it will be at a renowned restaurant. I love scenery and landscapes and taking photos while travelling. Mostly though I love how travelling can move something in you so you come back a different person to when you left in the best way possible.”

“While having never run a Marathon before I’m passionate about keeping fit and healthy and am incredibly inspired by people who set themselves such epic personal goals – and what better way to do it than in an iconic destination around the world!”

Paul Forward

Marathon Tours Owner & Tour Leader

I’ve always been a keen sportsman, runner and an avid traveller. Having the opportunity to share these passions as Managing Director and owner of Marathon Tours is something I am very grateful for.

My 30 years of experience working in various aspects of the travel industry has given me incredible travel opportunities and experiences which I use to benefit both our organisation and our clients.

In terms of my running milestones, I am definitely now a social runner, however I have completed a number of marathons locally and overseas. Including the incredible Antarctica Marathon in March 2018, the TCS New York City Marathon three times and the Virgin Money London Marathon in 2019. I have also completed the Great Wall half marathon and 10km, as well as the Rotorua Marathon many (many!) years ago.

Combining a love of travel and being part of incredible international events like New York, Boston or Antarctica, is a dream come true. It’s also what makes our job such a privilege, as we love being able to see our clients get to experience something so special.

You read about these events and hear stories from people who have done it before; but until you line up on that starting line yourself, nothing prepares you for the excitement and the buzz you get from being part of the action.

My goal is to join the Seven Continents Club by completing one marathon on each of the 7 continents. I have completed 4 and once travel opens up again, my next event will be a marathon in South America.

Rachael Collins

Marathon Tours Part-Time Consultant & Tour Leader

I am the youngest daughter of a third-generation Waikato farming family, and now mother to three beautiful teenage daughters and living in rural Waikato with my husband.

After completing studies based in the Hotel industry, I departed our fair shores to see the world and worked in Europe as a Nanny in Scotland, Chef in Greece, Barmaid in London, Hotel receptionist in London, Farmhand in Scottish Highlands, and Tour guide all over Europe.  What an adventure I had, but home called and after four years away, and I made my way back.

I ended up working as a Corporate travel consultant upon my return living in Auckland for a few years, and then returned to the Waikato where I started with Calder & Lawson Travel in the year 2000.  Well 21 years later, I am still here, and I have enjoyed a very varied career working with Corporate, Groups, Tour Design, and assisting the Marathon Tours department for the last 5 years.

Now I don’t profess to be a runner, but I am an avid walker and can often be seen doing the fun run, shorter events on our escorted tours along with my trusty SLR camera getting those candid shots on the course.  I have met so many amazing people on these trips and really love hearing about their life stories, motivations for running, and incredible achievements.

I was under the impression when I started working for Marathon tours that only runners participated in these trips, but boy was I wrong!  I have been absolutely awed by people of every size, age, and experience complete these events in whatever way they can, and when they travel with us there is a whole team cheering for them at the finish.

The training may be quite solitary for some, but when it comes to race day you are part of a team of thousands!


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