Iceland Volcano Marathon

24 August 2024

Mývatn, Iceland Adventure Full Marathon
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About this Marathon

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The Iceland Volcano Marathon takes place in Mývatn in northern Iceland, where the North Volcanic Zone splits the American and Eurasian continental plates. Still an active volcano area, this area is abundant with volcano craters and steaming geysers.Entry is in combination with a package offering four nights in Mývatn, giving you ample opportunity to indulge in this otherworldly landscape, visit Europe’s largest waterfall, embark on a whale safari, hike through the castle-like lava formations of Dimmuborgir, and relax in an underground heated lagoon.

You will truly feel and be one with the forces of nature here!

You must be a New Zealand citizen or New Zealand resident to purchase this package.

"Premiering in 2020, you can be among the first to run this epic race in one of Earth’s geological hotspots!"- Albatross Adventure Marathons

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