Great Wall Marathon

15 May 2021

China Adventure Full, Half & 8km 16-30 C
Interested in running the Great Wall 2021?

About this Marathon

Marathon Tours has a huge amount of experience in both travelling to and sending runners and walkers to the Great Wall Marathon and we send a large number of runners each year.

We like to provide you with options for the Great Wall Marathon.  Our ‘Travel With Us’ package offers a comfortable stay in rural Jixian near the Marathon event, you also get to enjoy the hustle and bustle of Beijing for a chance to take tours of this fascinating city and shop until you drop!

Exclusive to Marathon Tours: Stay close to the Great Wall on race day and avoid a 3 hour bus journey back to Beijing! Also enjoy the comfort of Western style meals leading up the the big race!

Marathon cut off time: 8 hours

You must be a New Zealand citizen or New Zealand resident to purchase this package.

"Just soak up the atmosphere, the buzz and enjoy it. It's a lifetime memory!"- Marathon Tours Customer

Event Information

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