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At Marathon Tours we take care of the planning and admin so you can focus on your marathon. As Marathon runners ourselves, we speak from experience and can give you the best advice for your next Marathon. Contact us today!

Lining up to start the NYC marathon and hearing the band play 'New York, New York' and the cannon blasts is still one of my most cherished travel memories to date

Paul Forward

Phone: 07 856 9009 Email: Paul Forward

Owner and Managing Director

I've always been a keen sportsman, runner and an avid traveller. Having the opportunity to share my passion as Managing Director and owner of Calder & Lawson and Marathon Tours is something I am really captured by.

Having joined the business in 2007 after relocating my family from Auckland, it's been a pleasure to lead, and work alongside, a talented group of over fifty travel professionals in a business recognised as one of Hamilton's most trusted.

My experience in the industry is an accumulation of around twenty-two years working for airlines and travel management companies in various capacities, from retail consulting to leading tours for major events such as the Rugby World Cup. My career has also given me incredible travel opportunities and experiences which I use to benefit both our organisation and our clients.   

In terms of my running chops, I completed the TCS New York City marathon twice, the Great Wall half marathon and 10km, as well as  the Rotorua Marathon many (many!) years ago. Lining up to start the NYC marathon and hearing the band play 'New York, New York' and the cannon blasts is still one of my most cherished travel memories to date. My dream is to join the Seven Continents Club and completing Antarticas' Marathon in March next year will get me that next step closer!

Combining a love of travel and completing an event that only a few people in the world actually take part in is what makes a destination marathon one of the standout achievements for any runner, walker or adventure seeker. It's also what makes our job as consultants such a privilege, and we love being able to see our clients reach their peak.

So why choose us? Firstly, we're travel professionals who are runners too, and we understand the hard work you put in. Secondly, we send multiple staff to key events to provide on-the-ground assistance to our clients, and thirdly we have a proven track record of professionalism and care during times of crisis such as the cancellation of the NYC marathon a few years ago and the horrific bombing of the Boston marathon. 

Whether you're a competitive runner, a keen walker, or looking to tick off a life-time goal, we can help get you there.

Cheers, and happy pavement-pounding!

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D Training For Antarctica 2018
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Run fast enough to get there, but slow enough to see

Steve Cairns

Phone: 07 856 9009 Email: Steve Cairns

Marathon Tours Consultant

As someone who is passionate about fitness and health I know how important it is to set goals, create a training plan and most of all cross that finish line!  I'm very lucky to be able to combine two of my passions Fitness and Travel into something I get to do every day and call work.  As an athlete preparing for an event your focus is on training, motivating and getting your body into the best possible form it can be in so that you can conquer your goals.  I help you by removing all the stress and logistical planning so that you can focus on the most important thing, which is crossing that finishing line! 

As a keen runner I enjoy getting out on the weekends for a run and also entering running events when I can.  Apart from the feeling of finishing a race, I also enjoy being able to support people through their journey, see them overcome their challenges and be there to celebrate with them in their successes.  I have experienced many International sporting events so I know what is involved and how to make it easier and stress free for both athletes and supporters.  Whether you're an experience runner or entering an event for your first time I am here to help get you to that start line.  The great thing about entering overseas marathons is that you get the added bonus of seeing some amazing landscapes and experiencing what these destinations have to offer and because I've worked in travel for many years I can help you plan some amazing trips around your marathon.  Whether you want to tag on a trip to see the Giant Pandas after running The Great Wall or visit the Niagara Falls after running New York I can take care of everything so that you and your family can enjoy themselves.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you all, hearing your stories and being a part of your journey.

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D Training For Auckland Half 2017
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Set a goal and SMASH IT!

Sophie Russo

Phone: 07 8570457 Email: Sophie Russo

Sales Coordinator

Growing up in the country in the mighty Waikato, I have always enjoyed being outdoors and active. Having lived in Australia and then going further abroad to begin my OE, travel is something I have become more and more passionate about. There are so many more places to tick off my bucket list so why not compete in a marathon while I'm at it?!

I joined Calder and Lawson as Sales Coordinator in 2015. Through my involvement working in Marathon Tours, it didn't take long for me to set my sights on these outstanding marathons in such exciting destinations. Having previously completed three marathons, this quickly doubled after coming on board with Marathon Tours. I now have Africa, Asia, North America and Australasia under my belt and hope to complete South America, Antarctica and Europe to tick off all 7 continents.  I understand the motivation, determination and sacrifices that are involved to achieve such a challenging goal-  well done all of you for getting this far and contemplating taking part in an amazing event, in an equally amazing location.

Knowing that your flights, accommodation, sightseeing tours and tickets to special events are taken care of all you need to do is experience the holiday of a lifetime - oh and run 42kms!

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D Training For Tarawera Ultra 2017
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