Bagan Temple Marathon

27 November 2021

Bagan, Myanmar Adventure Full, Half & 10km 15-31 C
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About this Marathon

Tucked away in central Myanmar, the ancient site of Bagan will be the location of this Adventure Marathon. Home to more than 2,000 temples, Bagan’s beauty and historical significance is unsurpassed. Sacred pagodas and beautiful temples are scattered across the plains of Bagan creating a mystical, stunning landscape. The marathon course will take runners on a voyage of discovery into this alluring and untouched land.

The Bagan Temple Marathon also includes, half-marathon and 10km distance. Please note this race is limited to 300 participants worldwide.

Marathon cut off time: 7 hours

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"Highlight by far was the massive encouragement and generosity from the kids. They literally have nothing yet want to give you everything along with the biggest smiles you’ve ever seen! I can’t wait to go back!"- Marathon Tours Customer

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